Weather Pattern

Teamed up with a developer and given an open brief,
I created the website weather pattern. Weather pattern is an ever changing piece of art housed
on the internet. There are a set of parameters and graphics depending on your location and the weather.


Visual Comparisons

I designed, illustrated, published and distributed this 24 page publication of 20 drawings taking a second look at life, art and pop culture. Printed on risograph in the studio and made in an edition of 100 these are stocked in New York at Printed Matter and Picture room and in Sydney at Pentimento
Purchase here


Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review in Paris commissioned me to create a double page spread and several spot illustrations for an article about the gamble of selective high end retail. 

Visual Comparisons

Edition of silk screen prints for French Art group Balibart

Ten Cent Dime

An observational illustrated blog documenting my life See all here
2012 - 2014

Flip book

French paper company Antalis commissioned me to create a
160 flip book 
to promote their new paper range "Olin"

Abstract Experiments

Digital abstract experiments.

Trevor King Identity

Sydney photographer Trevor King commissioned me to create his new identity. I worked up a logo and series of graphic stamps to create an ever changing identity system.


Selection of portrait illustrations.
2012 - 2014


Art Exchange

A project exploring the exchange and worth of art, illustrating money in exchange for art, see the full project documented here.
2013 - 2014


Inspired by Rene Magritte this series of surreal silhouettes titled "Work" explore the relationship between working on our work and ourselves. 
2013 - 2014

LDN / NY Exhibition

Exhibition in London in the summer of 2013, stating the obvious of the differences between the two cities, Read more here.


Workman Publishing

Workman publishing commissioned me to illustrate around 100 fish and stories for an upcoming book. 

Friends of Mine

Commissioned illustrations for animations by Friends of Mine


Dentsu Bos

 Dentsu Bos commissioned me to create a series of chalk illustrations in both French and English, art directed by Simon Rufiagne this project won the Applied Arts Award for Corporate Illustration – Series

Morning, Noon & Night 

Four Color print series titled "Morning, Noon & Night"

Still life studies

Studies in still life illustrations

Editorial Illustrations

Various editorial illustration

Cirque Du Soleil - Beatles Love

The Cirque Du Soleil commissioned me to illustrate several photo collages to promote their Beatles Love performance. 

Personality - the pattern of collective character

Solo exhibition at China Heights Gallery Sydney
In 2012 I was accepted to take part in the Ondarte international artist residency in Akumal Mexico. I worked on this series of drawings which were exhibited there in Akumal and later in a solo exhibition at China Heights Gallery in Sydney. 

To create the series I took a set of personality tests, based on these tests I created abstract visuals of these perceptions.
Read the full artist statement 



See more commercial work here